The Indiawok is an exotic Indian restaurant that offers the most authentic, fresh and healthy food in a classy, contented and elegant setting. We offer the traditional Indian food that excites the senses and creates a beguiling impact on the mood.

                            Our Beginning

We Indians love food! We just do and we are passionate about it. When talking about Indian food in Dover Delaware, a void was observed. It was immensely felt that there is need of an Indian restaurant in Delaware that offers the same rich taste of traditional Indian spices and dishes. The idea of creating The Indiawok sparked and the rest is history.

                            Our Mission

It is our utmost priority to deliver the most genuine taste of Indian cuisine, and that is why we strive each day to ensure that the authenticity remains an integral part of our restaurant. As pioneers, we take it as a responsibility to stay true to our roots and deliver that same rich taste that has made everyone mesmerized, and fallen in love with the Indian cuisine.

                            Our Values

The Indiawok was created for the purpose of delivering a unique and spellbinding taste of Indian cuisine. We want to remain true to our values by ensuring that we never deviate from our path, and every day we take it as a challenge, as a duty – let’s just say, there are many things we do for the love and passion of food.

Our professional chefs with years of experience know how to provide that distinctive aroma and absorbing taste which is a norm of every single Indian Dish. Let it be Daal Tadka or Chicken Tikka Masala, our chefs know how to satisfy your appetite.